Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm In A Rut! Help!

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Hey Ladies! I hope you are having a great Tuesday. I have been off all day today and planned on doing a new video. I wanted to take a step away from CCR and create a layout, card or some other papercraft today. BUT... I've had a creative block all day. I plan on working on a video showing a way to personalize products and using TBBM but I wanted to do something else as well. But a stamping technique or how to make a certain papercraft. Every time I sit down at my craft table I just sit there staring at my supplies. I even checked out a few new videos and looked at some sketch challenges and I got nothing. I'm coming to you for any suggestions, ideas or requests. I need to get out of this rut. Help!


  1. Lately, when I am stuck or my mojo just isn't working for me, I spend some time looking at Pinterest. I always find something, whether a paper project, a photo, some colors, a tutorial for handmade flowers, what ever, that gets me going again.

    Here is a link to my pin boards - http://pinterest.com/elizgmom/

    If you are interested and need an invite, let me know.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll be back crafting soon!

  2. I just heard about Pinterest Last week. I still don't even know what it is. I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the tip. I may be asking you for an invite soon. :)

    Also... got some new supplies today. NEW TOYS!!! When all else fails...buy new toys! LOL