Friday, May 18, 2012

Slight delay on Cricut Expression 2 Series and Yard Sale Haul

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Ok... So I'm not really a perfectionist... and my videos show that... LOL! But, there is a time when what you have is just not good enough and you have to start over. After going over the footage I have from Part 2 of my Cricut Expression Video i realized that it was just not going to work. It was WAY too long and when I tried to edit it down it just made it even worse. So... I have to start over.

Just a little info... you may have read this before but I named my blog after my craft room. It was a closet in our upstairs that I "sort of" redid (it's still not done). It's maybe 5 feet wide and 8-10 feet long. It has a slanted ceiling on one side and an attic access on one wall that limits my abilities. Also... it is very HOT Our whole upstairs is just not cooling off. My daughter has been sleeping downstairs in her brothers room because her room is so hot. I had some chocolate on my table that my DH got me last night and it is really soft and melty. So some of my time up here is limited depending on the time of day. I'd love to shoot the video right now... however... my husband is gone and I am home with the 3 and 5 year olds. They are being very good but laughing and having a great time. Once they go to bed I may give it a shot.

However... until then... I have this video to share with you. Whenever my husband and I go to Ohio to visit friends I always have to make a stop at my favorite scrapbook store, Crop N Stop. I love it! However, they had to close. They had a big yard sale after the big store closing and I wasn't able to make it to that because it was being held the following weekend of our trip. BUT... the wonderful owners gave me their address and let me come over and check things out. I wanted to share with you this video of what I bought while I was there. I had a limited amount of cash and that's all they were accepting so I wasn't able to go hog wild. However I found this little deal and wanted to share it with  you.

I had brought the items home from the yard sale and basically put them somewhere and then forgot about them. I have a craft show that I'm doing next weekend and there are a few things that I was going to purchase. I remembered that I had got this at the yard sale and went searching for it. It wasn't too hard to find.

Tell me what you think? There are a lot of misc little items. Do you think I got a good deal or do you think I paid too much?


  1. Hi Angie!
    I think you got that for an AWESOME Price!!! $15...that's a steal! Great!! There are a couple of things that I an think of that sell at craft fairs in Hawaii. With those jumbo paper clips, you could make a pretty flower embellishment, hot glue it to the top of the clip....that would look pretty :). Also, with the large blinding clips, flip it around so it can stand on it own and embellish to your hearts content. It could be a recipe holder, memo holder, even a picture holder. Sounds like you have a lot of creating to do! Take care...have a fabulous week! :)


    1. Thanks for the great ideas Suzanne! I'm plugging away trying to get things ready. I'm excited about this weekend. And excited about all the stuff from this yard sale that I'm going to use. I've taken the coasters and started covering them with Designer Series Paper. I love the way they turned out. I haven't even embellished them yet. LOL.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Howdy! I just found your blog....there are not many videos out there showing us the E2 so I'm excited about your series. Also, I like the yard sale!! My little request is that you use the E2 to cut fabric. I've tried it a couple of times but, it picks up my fabric and give me a hard time. Thanks for all that you do!!


    1. Hey Ruthie! Thanks for the feedback. That is a great idea. Now that my computer is working again I look forward to working on your request. And I know just the project I'm going to work on. I can't wait to try it out and share it with you. I haven't ever played with fabric but after a failed attempt at my mothers day project for my mom (a stuffed owl pincushion) this is perfect for me to try. :)