Monday, October 14, 2013

FREE to cut! Love!

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Ok... so this is one of those things that Cricut has been doing for a while and I was afraid it had come and gone. Love that they are still doing this.

So if you aren't familiar... Cricut has content that you can cut FREE for a week. Each week they change. I'm super bummed that I didn't get anything cut from last weeks. It was . I didn't realize it till after it was gone.

So here is this weeks FREE cuts.

These are both great but the Happy Hauntings is great for the upcoming holiday. Don't miss out like I did last week. Get that Cricut out and get to cutting. You've got two more days.

So... Definitely will be cutting some of these out... but I also can't wait to see what is net weeks free cuts :)

So... do you know how this works? Log on to your Cricut CraftRoom. The two above carts will show up in bold as available to cut.

Here's a quick video on how to get to the cartridges to take advantage of this great opportunity that Cricut gives us.

I'm so excited. I know.... I know... the sound is crappy. The video quality isn't that great. And I stumbled over my words a few times. But hey... I'm BACK! And I am super excited about bringing you more videos. And I promise... It won't be another year. Even if I have to use my cruddy laptop, my creaky tripod and have horrible sound. I WILL bring you more videos. And it's all about the content... right? LOL. It's about what you learn. So if you learn something or enjoy my videos... that's all that matters.
See ya soon! :)

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