Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recap: Cricut Craft Room Video Series

So I was looking over some of my past videos to remind myself what I have done and what I could do. Man... Cricut Craft Room has changed so much. It's fun to look back to where it started and how far it's come. The videos are still useful... but it's time to do a total update. So many things have changed. It's hard to believe that I have 11 videos on CCR. Here is a link to my YouTube channel and the Playlist for this video series. 

I actually covered quite a few topics. Here are the topics

If you have any questions on any of these videos feel free to comment here or on the video. I FINALLY was able to get my iMac up and running again. So now I have the ability to start making videos again. I'm hoping that all the issues I was having with iMovie were fixed with the fixes the wonderful Apple tech Andrew helped me with. Over 6 hours of tech support with Andrew. He was amazing and his dedication to helping me get my iMac working has renewed my belief in Apple products. (LOL... sorry... random insert about Apple)

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