Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Cricut Closet

Hello Crafters!
It's been an awesome weekend so far. My daughter had her birthday slumber party last night.... 8 girls all in 5th grade.... and yes, I survived. It's been pretty beautiful out too.
So... I've been hanging out a lot on so many peoples blogs that I thought I'd give it a shot. There are so many ladies out there that are by FAR more creative than I am, but I thought it would be something I would give a try. So keep that in mind as I work out the kinks and get into the groove of things.

Meanwhile... I have a few pics that I thought I'd share. We have a very large family and unfortunately the house we live in right now.... I don't have my own crafting room. So to all you women out there that feel like your space is too small..... check out my "closet".....

Most of my storage is in these cubes and the small totes under the table. 


This is when I was still getting it all set up. 

Literally guys... this is a closet. I stored my stuff in there when we moved in. It didn't even have drywall up on all the walls. My poor Cricut sat in the living room under the tv for months. Finally I decided to use this space. I figured all I would need is to set my tables up. Soon I realized that I needed lighting.... then I added more drywall.... and then.... well...... I just kept needing things until this is what I ended up with.
All my organization tools were things that I already had and that were "storing" my stuff. The only thing I bought was the drywall, pegboard and the light.

Almost done.... this is James, my youngest crafter. 
Since this pic I've added a few things but not much. Still need to decorate too.
Thanks for checking it out. :)