Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello 2013!!!

Hello my fellow crafters! It's been way too long. I'm happy to see that I have many faithful followers that did no leave me in my absence. A lot has been going on in my life. There have been so many changes. As I get back on my blog, YouTube and back into the crafting world... there's a lot that's changed with Cricut as well. I'm excited to see some of the new things that are happening with Cricut.... and I can't wait to dive right back in.

For starters... I wanted to update you on a few things in my personal life. I won't get too personal... but I will share with you that My Cricut Closet (the actual room) is moving.... YEAH!!! I am trading rooms with my daughter and I will have a much larger space to work from. I still will be limited on space... I just won't be in the closet anymore. LOL! I'd like to share that journey with you guys and will keep you posted of the progress. I found this sweet and adorable picture of what my room looked like when I started this blog two years ago. Here it is....

 James was sooooo cute. He looks so little. But this was what my little closet looked like when I started.
Just for the heck of it... Here's what James looks like now.... And yes... that's me as well. Just focus on him...he's the adorable one :)
 And here are a couple of pics from that first set up. It was crazy. And I remember feeling so lucky to have this space. To me... it was awesome.

And... If you look in the top photo... you'll see my old Cricut. This past fall I retired that Expression by passing it on to my good friend Sherry. Of course... I still have my Expression 2 and my Imagine. Can't part with those, they are my babies.

Well... that's enough for today. I'll be back soon... and this time it won't be 4-5 months. I look forward to sharing some videos and projects with you. First order of business..... the Expression 2 Series will coming SOON!

Happy Crafting :)