Saturday, June 14, 2014

Another reason to love Cricut Explore!

I'm already in love with the Cricut Explore and I don't even have one yet. Every time I look more into the Explore I want it even more. Cricut and Provo Craft have really outdone themselves on this. And no... I don't get anything for saying that (I wish I did though LOL).

So as I'm looking into the Explore I found that they have the Make It Now app for the iPad released.

Image from

Click on the pic above to read more about it. I've downloaded the app on my iPad and I'm loving it. I can see that this will be a very useful app when I get my Explore. You can browse all the Make It Now projects that Cricut Design Space offers including the FREE projects. It shows you what files you need and allows you to purchase them from the app. You can also connect to your Explore wirelessly and and cut straight from the app. And I LOVE that it shows you your mats and will allow you to move the cuts around on your mat so that you can cut just where you want... exclude cuts you don't want... change your material size... and select a mirror image if you are doing an iron on. It has the project to allow you to cut, draw or score.

Well... I'm off to play around with Cricut Design Space. I'm gearing up to make some videos. I'm hoping to get my Explore in the next few weeks. I can't wait. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

What do you think about the new Cricut Explore?

So... the new Cricut has been out for a while now. I'd love to hear from those that have the machine. I remember thinking that I wouldn't need the Expression when it first came out. Then I didn't need the E2 when it came out... and of course...It took me forever to finally get the Imagine thinking... I didn't need it.

So of course... when I saw the Cricut Explore I figured I wouldn't need it either. But after checking it out... I'm LOVING the Cricut Design Space... therefore I HAVE to have the Explore. The software looks so easy to use and has soooo many more uses than Cricut Craft Room. Don't get me wrong. I love CCR. It's been great. I'm just looking at CDS and it looks amazing.

I'd love to hear more from any of you that have the Explore. Also... if you have any experience with Cricut Design Space I'd like to hear some feedback from that.

 Check out the Cricut Explore here!

If you haven't checked out the Explore or Cricut Design Space... GO NOW!!! I think you will love it. 

Can't wait to hear from you. I will be providing a YouTube video for CDS soon.