Friday, January 31, 2014

This Weeks Free Cut - Winter Lace

I know there are places all over that have had a lot more snow than we did here in Southern Indiana. But it's actually been a LONG time since we've had this much. My kids missed a week of school. And looks like we will get another round next week. Here's a pic of just a taste of what we have going on. And the day after I cleared that path to my workshop... it was covered completely again., as if I had never cleared it in the first place. 

So for me... this weeks Free Cut is very appropriate... Winter Lace!

Now, this is a cartridge that I do own. It was given to me by a dear friend. But I've not ever used it. So this week I thought I'd do something different. 

Here is the cover for the Winter Lace Seasonal Cartridge. It has 20 2D snowflakes and 10 3D snowflakes. For the next week you can design some projects using this great cartridge in Cricut Craft Room AND cut them for FREE. If you like the cartridge... you can purchase it digitally right from Provo Craft for $14.99. Just click on the pic below. 

So I decided to search for some inspiration for a project using this cartridge. Here's what I came up with. 

The first thing I did was Google it and this wreath jumped out at me immediately. It's actually uses Winter Is In the Air and Winter Lace. But you could easily just use Winter Lace. The link took me to the blog My Paper Crafting. com. There are several other projects with snowflakes, many using Winter Lace. 

And then of course I went to the place where I KNEW I'd be on overload with ideas... Pinterest. The link took me to a site called Scrapping Mommy. The link didn't work but you can still click on the pic and go to the site. Love this snowflake card. Looks like it's a Christmas card. But since that's gone... I'd maybe send it as a "thinking of you" card or "thank you". The options are limited by your imagination. What got my attention with this card was more about the great snowlfakes. 

Then I fell in love with this card. I'm thinking about making it and framing it as a gift. While it also uses Witner Wonderland and the swirl is from Ashlyns Alphabet. I'm sure I can find something to replace it. That's one of the great things about Cricut. There are so many different images to choose from. Go over to Popsicle Toes to check her blog out. 

I found that there are not a lot of pins for this cartridge. So I encourage you to add some of your own. And check out my Pinterest board. I've created a board for Winter Lace and will be creating one for each new Free Cut of the week. Check it out here! Check out my other boards for Cricut while you are there :)

Well... there are a lot of options out there for Winter Lace. Don't forget those Christmas pics and other winter pics for your scrapbook. So here's one last pic. Uses multiple other cartridges as well. Check it out at Scrap This Save That. 

I would love for you guys to share the pins you've found as well and to hear any feedback. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cricut Craft Room Series - How To Use the Auto Fill Feature

Well....January is almost over. Have you heard about all the cool stuff going on with Cricut? They have a new machine called the Cricut Explore. Very cool! Not sure when I will be able to get my hands on one but I can't wait. They also have a new design space that will go with it. I'm interested in seeing what this means for Criut Craft Room. Hopefully nothing. I haven't really heard much about it yet. If you haven't seen what it's going to look like yet... here is a little clip from the Provo Craft website.

Anyhow... I am a huge fan of CCR and I am here to share a quick video for you with a tip on how to use one of the features in CCR. It's the "Auto Fill" feature. It does come in quite handy and saves time when you are working on multiples of an image. I know as Valentines Day comes it will certainly be helpful.

So here's the great thing about this feature. Say you are making 20 Valentines for your child to take to school. So you have 20 hearts of the same size to cut out. Well... without this feature you would have to add the same image to your mat 20 times. But... if you use the autofill you just add the image to your screen once and tell it to fill the page. Or... depending on the size... you can tell CCR you want 20 of that image and it will populate your mat with that many hearts.

You know what.... It's much easier to SHOW you what I'm talking about. Here's a short video to show you just how easy it is to use this feature.

Oh.. and here is the FREE CUT going on right now. Sorry I haven't shared it sooner. I was hoping for something Valentines Day related. Maybe next week will be.

Today is the LAST DAY! So if you want to cut these guys out for free... head over there today. Just click on the pic.