Monday, March 10, 2014

More Signs With Cricut and Vinyl

Lately I've been using my Cricut Expression 2 and Cricut Craft Room to make custom signs and frames. Here is a collection of just a few that I've made. 

I've used a couple different methods to make my creations. The large "Welcome" frame is a 10x20 frame that I upcycled. It was a frame I picked up free that was getting thrown out. I simply painted it black and took everything out but the glass. I used Cricut Craft Room to create it and cut it out in black vinyl. Using the transfer paper made placement on the glass much easier. 

For most of the signs I simply used the same method above. But on the small black signs I tried something different. I used the vinyl to cut out the words. Then I used the negative from that on boards as a stencil and painted them using craft paint.

Watch for a video tutorial on how to do this technique to make your own signs. And if you are lucky enough to have the new Cricut Explore... the font options are ENDLESS. I can't wait to get mine!!!

Until next time... Happy Crafting!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Introducing Cricut Explore!

So I am a fan of everything Cricut. And when I saw that Cricut had come out with a new machine, I said the exact same thing I did when the Cricut Imagine came out... "I won't want that". Yeah... right! Have you seen this machine yet??? It's wonderful!!!

I really did think that this machine would not do anything more than what I could already do with my Cricut Expression 2 and Cricut Craft Room. But... this machine is pretty impressive. 

Personally... I haven't been lucky enough to get one of these bad boys. But I've been doing a lot of research online about them. Here are just two of the great new features of the Explore. You can not only cut with the Explore... you can also write and score. That really opens things up more than I thought possible. 

Here's another amazing feature... there is a custom dial with preloaded settings for the materials you cut most often. This makes setting up your machine for the best cut super easy. Just turn the dial to your material and the machine already has the ideal settings preloaded. Doesn't get much simpler than that. 

There is also a handy little storage tray to keep all your tools in one place. And a place on top of the machine to hold your markers/pens. The tools are sold separately. 

While you can't find this beauty at your local store... you can order yours online. HSN had a presale of these and they SOLD OUT. But... you can pre order one now at JoAnn's or Wal-Mart. All three ship out March 15th with Free Shipping for $299. I'm not exactly sure... but on one of the sites the price of $349 is slashed. So I'm wondering if the price in store will be that.

Click below to order yours NOW! 

It's also pretty awesome that they give you this great carrying bag to go with the machine. 

Also comes with the following. 

- 12"x12" Cutting Mat
 - drawing/writing pen
- black & jade Cricut Cardstock
- Silver Cricut Vinyl
- White Cricut Iron-on
- Duck tape sheets
- Storage bag
- USB cord

Not enough to win you over? Here's another great feature... Cricut Design Space. While I will always love Cricut Craft Room... this new design software is pretty amazing itself. 

Cricut Design Space is CCR on steroids. It is incredible. They have really outdone themselves with this software. It was released this past Thursday and I am in love with it. Of course I will be doing a video soon. I will be doing another post going into more detail about Cricut Design Space in the next couple of days so I won't go into it right now. But... I will say this... one of the upcoming features is that you will be able to use your iPad with it. LOVE IT!!! Can't wait!!

Come back soon for more details and a video tutorial. 

Happy Crafting!!!