Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cricut Expression 2 Video Series PART 2… FINALLY!

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Wow! You may recall that a while back I FINALLY was able to get my iMac working. I spent several days on the phone with Apple Support and was able to fix a lot of issues I had been having. There were multiple issues but basically the thing just wasn't working right. With issue after issue I just walked away from it and stopped using it. It was the computer I used for my blog and for editing videos… so after that my ability was limited. As far as videos were concerned… I was done. I had no way of uploading and editing videos. I had actually already made a video on the Cricut Expression 2. I absolutely love Cricut Craft Room, but I also realize that not everyone has access to a computer or even wants to work that way. I made a video and divided it up into three parts. I was able to successfully upload the first one. However… thats as far as I got. At least… till I got my iMac working. While sorting through the files and deleting junk… I found the other videos.

If you watch my CCR videos… You'll notice that they are somewhat outdated. I taped them when there was a previous version of the software. The E2 video doesn't rely on any software on the computer so it is still very relevant.

So here it is… FINALLY!!!!

Cricut Expression 2 Video Series - #2 The Basics (Part 2)

I hope it's helpful. I appreciate your patience. :)

Part 3 will be uploaded soon. 

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