Friday, October 11, 2013


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Ok... so my last post said that it wouldn't be 4-5 months before my next post. I guess I was right. It's been 10 instead.... :(

I'm so sad about this. Soooooo.... it's time to get back on the ball. Today I had some fun. I have been playing around with Cricut CraftRoom and my Gypsy. It's so awesome that you can now link your Gypsy cartridges to your CraftRoom as well. Over the last couple of weeks I've been trying hard to get all my machines updated. Started with my Gypsy.... didn't get much farther. LOL. I have had many "technical difficulties" over the ten months I've been MIA. My iMac has died. My editing software has failed and my laptop decided to die as well. So I've had to use my old one that's pretty janky. I had all kinds of issues trying to update.

Today I got farther along on updating my Gypsy than I ever did before. Still not all the way updated though. BUT...... YEAH.... I did get my Gypsy cartridges linked to CraftRoom. I made a video of that today. So now I just need to get working on solving the issue with my editing software. Can't wait to share that video with you all.

Lets see if we can shoot for getting that video done within a week.... wish me luck!

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