Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cricut Craft Room Series #7 - Linking Your Cartridges

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Hello Everyone!

Sorry I haven't done a video in a while. Everything has been crazy around here. But things are slowing down and I was able to play with Cricut Craftroom today. I decided to make a video showing how easy it is to link your Cricut Cartridges to your CCR account. I show you in this video just how easy it is.

Currently you are NOT able to link your cartridges to CCR if you already have them linked to your Gypsy. And... as well... you are NOT able to link them to  your Gypsy once they are linked with CCR. So before you link to either, make sure you are aware of this and know which you would prefer. Currently they are working on a method that is going to allow us to connect our Gypsy and in one step... link all our cartridges on our Gypsy to our CCR account. I'm assuming that this process will also link all CCR cartridges to the Gypsy as well. As soon as I hear any more on this I will update you to let you know. For now... here is how you link to your CCR account for those of you who are wanting to do this.

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