Thursday, November 3, 2011

My First Cinch Project

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Hello! Happy November!
I can hardly believe that it is already November. October just flew by. I've been super busy but also I have had some issues with my video editing software so I've not been able to work on any videos. I finally decided to switch to a new software. So now I am using iMovie on my iMac. I'm still learning it and trying to figure out a few things so bare with me. 
I've also been a little sick. So this video I've got prepared for you is not one of my best. I didn't realize until after watching it and editing it that I was kind of dragging. But I hope that you will learn from some of my mistakes and get a better understanding of what the Cinch can do. I hope to do an actual tutorial on the Cinch another time. 
But for now... here is my first project using We R Memory Keepers, The Cinch. 

There are two parts to this video. Here is Part 1

And here is Part 2

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