Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Going, Going.... Gonna be GONE!

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Apologies up front, because this is such a long post. It's full of information that you need to know... but it's just not fun stuff. So please read through and don't get distracted... the best part is the Challenge at the end.

I don't know about you, but I'm really excited about the upcoming new Stampin Up Idea Book & Catalog (IB&C). Normally the IB&C comes out on July 1st each year. This year it will come out on June 1st. That's just a little more than a month away. I can't wait! Stampin Up always amazes me with the new items they come up.
Along with the new IB&C this year, there are lots of changes as well. On a previous post I gave you the list of the stamp sets that will retire on May31, 2012. There are also some accessories that will be retiring as well. Before I give you some information about the items retiring let me go ahead and give you some links.

These links are for the lists in PDF format. They are sorted by page number so you can follow the list along with your catalog.

If you'd like to view pictures you can go to my site HERE. There you can find all the retiring products by category and see pictures of each item. You can also go ahead and purchase those items NOW. These retiring items are available through May 31st... BUT... they are available ONLY while supplies last. So don't wait. 

Also notice that some of the items in the Retiring Accessories List are discounted... some up to 70%! That's an awesome deal! Dont miss out! 

I know... I know... I said this was going to be long and boring. BUT... if you've have followed some of my previous posts you may remember that I set up a new blog called My Stampin Closet. In an effort to move all my posts about Stampin Up to that blog I'm shortening this post. I'm sort of doubling up right now. You'll find the same posts here and there for a while until I finish the switch. So for the rest of this post and LOTS of important details about the Retiring Accessories List... please head over there and finish the post there. DON'T forget to follow that blog. Soon ALL my SU posts and projects will be there. 
AND.... the challenge is posted there! That's the fun part... so don't miss this. 

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