Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cricut Expression 2 - Beyond The Basics (Part 1)

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I've been looking forward to today for a while (It's Wednesday evening right now).  A couple of weeks ago I had planned a "Cricut Day" with some friends. We all planned to bring our Cricuts and I was going to share some tips and tricks with them. So yesterday I went through and refreshed my memory on all the functions of the Expression 2. My friend Sherry got an E2 for Christmas. She's such a sweet lady. I knew it was going to be a good time. 

Yesterday was funny. I'm going through all the functions and I start getting excited remembering how much it can do even without Craft Room. I was like a little kid. So today... we got together and started cutting. I introduced them to Cricut Craft Room and shared with them the Free cuts of the week. They loved it! They aren't really big on computers so it may be a while before they use CCR... but they loved everything about it. 

We had a limited amount of time and I did end up spending way too much time with customer support. One of the girls had an Expression that was frozen up so I ended up calling and they walked me through getting it going. While I hated being on the phone... I am glad that they have a great support that was able to get her machine up and running again. But because of all that... I didn't really end up having enough time to get pictures of the things we cut. I got one. LOL

My good friend Sherry brought some vinyl and wanted to decorate her E2. We designed this in Craft Room. We used Gypsy Font for the lettering and we used Cindy Lou and for the flower. We welded these together to make it all cut out as one image. After this we cut two more flowers from Cindy Lou and put them on the grey sides. We also cut some cute images from Create A Critter and the Free Images of the week. Those hearts are super cute. 

We cut some more vinyl on the Expression using Birthday Bash and Pet Shop. I didn't get a pic of this on the vehicle but this is what we cut. 

It's pretty simple. She cut the fonts out in this really great metallic creamy color and the pugs out of black and put them on her back car window. It turned out super cute. A bit big... but still super cute. 

Here's something really cool. I have the Cricut monthly subscription. And while I already owned Create A Critter... EVERYTHING else we cut out today was either from the subscription or from the Free weekly cut. That's just amazing to me. I love it. Absolutely LOVE that!!!

Well... I started telling you most of this story not only to share the few projects we made. But also to let you know I created a quick video last night as well. We covered the Basics in my first three CE2 videos. So now it's time to go Beyond the Basics. Below you will find Part 1. We cover page 1 of the "tools" button. I'll be adding more videos covering the next pages over the next few days. So make sure you subscribe to my channel and follow along. 

Happy Crafting!

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