Friday, January 30, 2015

How To Calibrate Your Cricut Expression 2

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YEAH! It's Friday!!!! Anybody have any awesome plans scheduled for this weekend? It's going to cold here in Southern Indiana so all my plans are going to be indoors. Well… except for Sunday. We are going to a Super Bowl party/surprise birthday party. That should be fun. 

Well.. I had a question posted on one of my YouTube videos so I thought it was easier to do a super quick video and show you how. I know I had to think about it when asked. She asked how to calibrate the Cricut Expression 2. And if she wondered… and I had to think about it… I figured there are others that would like to know as well. So…. Here we go….

Quick and Easy….

1) Turn on your machine.
2) Tap on the circle button in the top right hand corner that looks like a wrench. This is your tools settings.
3) Below the circle buttons there will be two arrow. Click on the one pointing to the right. You will tap through four times till you get to the last page. 
4) In the top right hand corner there is a rectangle with a plus sign in it and a stylus/pen. Click on this button. 
5) Follow the on screen instructions.

The End! Your machine is now calibrated. I would do this anytime you've moved the machine a lot or if it's been sitting for an extended amount of time. 

Pretty easy right? Well… If you are more of a visual learner… here's your video. It's barely over a minute long. Hope this helps. 

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