Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cricut Craftroom Video Series

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Hello my fellow Cricut lovers. As you may know I am currently working on a video series for the Cricut Expression 2. I'm pretty excited about it. Every since I got my E2 back from Provo Craft I have just been cutting away with it. Loving it!!!
Anyhow... my previous video series was on Cricut Craftroom. After playing around in CCR a couple of weeks ago the program kept crashing and then eventually crashed my computer. NOW... to be fair... it may not have had anything to do with CCR. But because I was so frustrated with CCR crashing I just haven't been on there and plus I've just been too busy with my E2. However... I have a couple of projects that I'll be creating and I wanted to use CCR for them. So I'll be playing around with it again. While I'm not planning on abandoning my E2 series... I'll be adding some things in there like a couple of CCR videos. SO... what would you like to see? Any techniques that you are interested in? I had a request for Mothers Day card the other day but time got away from me.

In the meantime... I have created a playlist of my past CCR videos on YouTube. Here is the link. If you are new and would like to watch the series from the beginning I hope this link is helpful. And if you have seen them and just need a refresher... here  they are. Enjoy! And I hope to hear from you. I'd love to be overwhelmed with all sorts of comments and requests. :)

Don't forget... the Craftroom is compatible with all the Cricut machines. :)

Click for my Cricut CraftRoom Video Series

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