Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cricut Expression 2 Video Series

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YEAH!!! Finally! I'm so excited! I was able to get my latest video uploaded to YouTube and it's ready to go. I  had to ship my Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition off to Provo Craft to fix. They couldn't fix it so they sent me a new one. Of course there are no more Anniversary Editions but they sent me a brand new E2. I got it back a couple of weeks ago and last week I made a couple of videos... only problem... I couldn't get them uploaded to YouTube. First my iMac died. That's where I edit all my videos and upload them. Then the software that I USED to love on my laptop wouldn't work. Finally I was able to edit the video and upload it... but for some reason it wouldn't work. My DH finally fixed my iMac and today I was able to upload to YouTube. YEAH!!! I actually already had Part 2 of this video filmed and edited. But that file is corrupted and unable to be saved. SOOOO.... I'm working on a re-make of Part 2 today. I've got it filmed and now I just need to edit and upload. Wish me luck! And enjoy the video.

Now is a good time to make any special requests or suggestions. This video series is going to include all the features of the E2 and will be complete with a project. If there is anything that you would like for me to work on or anything you want me to make sure I include... now is the time to let me know. I look forward to your comments and feedback!

Cricut Expression 2 Video Series - #1 The Basics (Part 1)

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  1. I wanted to thank you for the E2 video and can't wait for part 2! I also haven learned a lot from your Craft Room videos. I have just a couple more to watch. Thanks again. You are so sweet to do these videos for us. I will keep checking back.