Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cricut Expression 2 Video Series... Part 3

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Hello my Cricut family. Just a quick post here. I'm so glad to finally get this Part 3 of the Cricut Expression 2 video series uploaded to YouTube. It's been a long time coming. Now that I got that all taken care of I can finally get on to more videos. I think there is a lot more we can still learn about the CE2. I look forward to sharing more videos with you.

I am excited to bring a new video series to you as well.... the Cricut Explore Series is coming soon!!! Do you  know what that means??? Yep... I got one for Christmas. YEAH!!! And I absolutely LOVE it. But... I love all my bugs. So I won't be abandoning any of them. This is going to be an exciting year.

Here's your video. Hope this series inspired you to get your Cricut out and make something. 

Happy Crafting!!!

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