Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cricut Expression 2 Video Tutorial Series

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Hey Cricut Lovers!

Around two and a half years ago (May 2012) I started a video series on the Cricut Expression 2. It is an amazing machine... but I happen to think ALL of the Cricut mahines are amazing. So what sets this machine out from the rest?

Well...lets start from the beginning. I started my love of Cricut machines with the very first introduction at the Summer CHA in Chicago back in 2005. Over the years I've purchased each new machine. The only Cricuts I have not owned are the Cricut Cake and the Cricut Mini. As a proud and very excited new owner of the Cricut Explore I can say there are definitely some advantages of the Cricut Expression 2.

I was reading some comments on my YouTube videos today and one thing popped out at me. I have several friends that love the Cricut. And many that are not computer.... savy... I guess you'd say. They have no desire to learn about Cricut Craft Room or Design Space. And as some comments show... there are still many crafters that don't want to be connected to the internet or a computer. For this reason I believe that the Cricut Expression is very special.

Personally... I'm in love with my new Cricut Explore. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It's absolutely amazing. But the Expression 2 is also pretty amazing. The E2 has many capabilities all by itself. No need for a computer or internet access. Don't get me wrong... plug that puppy into a computer and use Cricut Craft Room with it and your definitely going to have a multitude of more options. But not everyone wants to be connected. And... being able to unplug from the internet and computer allows you to take your machine to crops, friends house and other events. I also have some friends that live in places that their internet is limited. So they need to have the ability to disconnect. The E2 is the perfect solution. 

So lets get back to my video I created back in May 2012. If you are a subscriber to my YouTube channel you'll find many more videos on Cricut Craft Room than the E2. But even after creating that first E2 video that long ago... it's still relevant today. ALL of my Craft Room videos are now out of date due to updates to the software. But there are no updates to the E2 that change anything. So today the 2012 video is just as relevant. 

Many people have learned about Cricut and ran out and purchased the  machine. I hear way too many times that they have never used it or used it once or twice. Most of the time.. it's just simply because they don't know how to use their machine. This is precisely why I started making videos about Cricut. I have had an early love for the Cricut Bug and I wanted to share my excitement. I wanted to create videos that would empower my fellow crafters to make the  most out of their investment and get these amazing machines into action. 

In this series I wanted to start with the basics. But I did use a cartridge that really stood out to me as one of the best cartridges I owned. That is Close To My Hearts Art Philosophy Cartridge. 

This cartridge has so many possibilities. But where I started was from the cartridges handbook. In every Cricut handbook there is a starter project. And that's what I used for my tutorial. It's actually a great project to start with. It's simple yet has elements of paper, stamping and 3D projects. The roses are so fun to make. is the video series that I started all those years ago. Nothing has changed. This is the original video from May 2012. I hope you will learn the basics of the machine and be able to start using it. 

You can click HERE to take you directly to my YouTube channel to all three videos or click on each individual video below. 

In Part 1 I go over the basic functions of the CE2. Here you will learn what each button does. 

In Part 2 we take what you learned in Part 1 and put it into action. We actually take the lessons we learned in the first video and create a project so you can actually make something. 

In Part 3 we actually have cut all the project pieces from the 2nd video and will assemble the card. Most of this video is just basics of card making. But the making of the 3D flower is very helpful on this project.  

I hope you enjoy these videos and that you will get your machine out and create!

Happy crafting!

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