Sunday, March 25, 2012

200 YouTube Subscribers Giveaway!

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YEAH! As I said before I'm super excited about reaching 200 subscribers. I never thought that I'd get even closet to that many.
Well... I had promised a giveaway for Friday... last Friday. I FINALLY found my video camera cord just in time. I almost recorded using my iPhone or iPad. LOL. BUT... I found the cord, set the camera up and made the giveaway video. THEN.... well... that's where the problem came. I couldn't get the video uploaded to YouTube. I'm in the process now of getting it done. I thought that I ran into this issue last time and figured everything out. I'm using my iMac and using iMovie. I'm not overly impressed with the program. When I tried to finalized my SEVEN MINUTE video... it said it was going to take FIVE HOURS. What??? That's insane. So... I'm trying again and crossing my fingers and praying. I gotta get this video up TONIGHT! If anyone has any luck with iMovie... let me know your secret. If anyone knows of another program that is relatively inexpensive... or better yet... FREE... let me know.

HEY BLOG FOLLOWERS.... did you know that you are getting entered TWICE in this giveaway? All you have to do is leave a comment on any post on my blog. Just make sure you mention the giveaway. I appreciate you all. Currently I have 29 followers. Good luck!!!

One last thing... this giveaway isn't going to be a Stampin Up giveaway. I don't have the product to do that just yet. Next one hopefully will. :)


  1. Congrats on your milestone! And thanks for the giveaway. Looking forward to seeing the vid. ~Karen Sue

  2. I just love stampin up. I also love your videos and I follow your blog and your YouTube videos. You can reach me at or